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lb, 1 SEO Tester Online Review 2021 | Details, Pricing, & Features - thesaaspro
seo tester

SEO Tester Online Review 2021 | Details, Pricing, & Features

It’s a 2021 SEO Tester online review, and due to consistent growth in technology, most businesses are moving towards their online presence. And that’s pretty good to avoid any kind of issues faced by the companies online. Competition is correct, but you will get access to tons of different resources that will help you to maximize your business for authenticity.

The websites consider being virtual products in the digital space, which is a good thing. Like people roam into the mall to gather the stuff, you can do the same in the digital medium due to resource availability.

When it comes to the monetization process that material, several ads companies available in the market are just like the Google ads and Facebook ads that will maximize your website’s actual value. These companies’ budgets are relatively more minor, which is why most of the people are heading to them. So if you are searching for the best Class product that will help you grow your website, then I should stick with the post-it and review the SEO tester tool. You can increase your audience organically through the tool’s usage. 

Although the SEO tester tool introduces in the new market, it has all the digital entrepreneur features.

What is an SEO tester online?

Suppose you are a blogger digital expert or running and work Agencies. In that case, you should hands-on with the rescue tester online to optimize your website and content for the sake of search engines. It will not only boost up the traffic of your side but, along with that, increases the SERPs.

The SEO tester online marketing tool is consistently serving their services in over 25 different countries to increase the organic visibility of their site. 

One of the most important benefits of the SEO tester tool is the single subscription plan. You’ll have access to 10 different tools to help you solve various aspects of search engine purposes, such as monitoring, analytics, and website optimization.

It utilizes ver 600.000 SEMs marketing media for earning a decent amount of money. So if you’re the one who’s supposed to maximize the strength of your site, then you should grab the services. 

CEO, at last, with the help of the tool, you will also be able to build a lead generation technique for the technical optimization of your website. It also allows you to generate SEO-friendly articles without any time investment that also includes page and off-page SEO terminologies that will boost your ranking on the search engine. 

What can you expect?

1.SEO on page 

On-page SEO is an essential process for website optimization that excites additional traffic flow towards the optimized website. 

With these services’ help, you’ll use the services like internal links, headers, and content characteristics. You can also Look Up On The Other fundamental problems like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript codes. 

You can even check the web page correctly so that to know whether the Optimisation process is up to the mark or not. 

2.SEO off-page 

Off-page SEO is the next important part of website ranking. So make sure not to ignore the fact if you supposed to the value of your website at a higher instance. 

According to research, off-page SEO has always been similar to the link building as link building is a concept of obtaining bundles of method that provides backlinks from the various resources. The backlinks usually redirect the visors to your websites. They help you boost your website’s traffic rate by putting an eye on search engines. 

Based on the above couple of terminologies, the SEO tester tools provide you with several features that might help you in various aspects. So, boost your website’s traffic rate. For now, let’s dive deep into parts that you can expect. 

seo tester

What are the features of the SEO Tester tool?

As the features are concerned, the SEO tester tools use to serve the following major components. 


Once you get signed into the SEO tester. You enter the dashboard to access the next up. Your website’s traffic rate approximately all of the features. Even if you’re just a beginner. It’ll be way easier for you to acquire their devices from scratch without any hassle. 

Let me conclude that the SEO tester online usually operates a credit system. So each one of the SEO spiders deployed will use some pages. If you supposed to take advantage kd the SEO tester tool. You should know the use of white label reports from where you’ll offer SEO audit reports to your customers using the branding. 

By the end of the box, you’ll get access to the SEO tester toolset. One can even customize the colors as per the choice. And UI makes sense as it’s pretty easy to use and user-friendly.  

2.SEO checker 

The SEO checker helps you in the SEO of your website and analyzes structure. From this, several other features like loading speed, content, attracting the webpages, etc. That you can use. 

Each one of your pages on your site needs a comprehensive analysis to make it more optimized. Using the SEO checker, one can easily take care of the factors that might include the heading tags, loading speeds of web pages. Follow the direction and solution developed that has a parameter of 100%. 

seo tester

The overview page displays all SEO schools. Where you can examine all of the stuff related to your website and web performance. 

In both desktop and mobile news, you will notice that there is a specific rendering check page. You can opt for downloading the report as a few documents. 

Is method included in the organization will clarify your purpose and plans to increase the page views on your website. The total number of scores provide to you is around 100 points. 

  • Unique keywords facility. 
  • Content
  • Title coherence 
  • Page size
  • Image missing it
  • Title on tag A

Apart from this, you will also get access to many words you have on the page to resolve the issues you might face by SEO analysis.


Speed is one of the most critical parts of your website that you cannot ignore at any instance. If your website speed is relatively low, then and the chances of thanking get decreased. The SEO tester tool has summarised the report as below:-

  • Enable compression
  • Prevention of landing page redirects
  •  optimization of pictures
  •  The decrease in the server response time
  • Reduction in render-blocking JavaScript
  •  prioritizing the noticeable content

WordPress’s separate plugins can install right there on your WordPress to eliminate the issues without any hassle.


When it comes to the summary section, you will notice a large section cal to be the society. Where all of the social media marketing features are provided to you to share you might face articles.

The process of filtering the data and pictures will also help you maximize social media’s true potential and link the number of shares.

3.SEO Spider

In the present scenario of hackers and spammers. You need to scan a massive number of pages in a fantastic way using the online crawler and optimize each of your website’s factors. 

You can examine the pages simultaneously. And the speed is quite shocking with the crawling algorithms produced through the direct and spontaneous report concentrated on every appropriate SEO aspect. 

 4.keyword Explorer

The next and most important tool provides to you is keyword Explorer using which you can find the most reliable keyword for your website that will help you throughout the ranking process. However, you will also find the new keyword ideas depending upon the customer benefit and requirements. 

By discovering the keywords that have a massive importance in business increases the CPC rate. Most of the imaging bloggers and entrepreneurs used to Grab the long-tail keywords with impressive content marketing techniques.

The keyboard suggestions are also be provided to you that is the associate with tons of other competitor articles related to your topic. 

Apart from the above four significant features, there are a couple of other features that you can Look upon by visiting their official website and getting the tool accordingly. Now let’s jump onto the pricing details as per the plan. 

How much does the SEO tester online tool costs?

If you are supposed to Grab the features of the SEO tester tool, then you will need to choose from the below plans provided to you:- 

1.Basic plan 

If you are a blogger, you should gram this plan just because it specifically use for personal branding, and the features are sufficient. When it comes to the pricing, you can get access to this plan by paying €49.90/ month, which is relatively less than the competitors. 

2.Professional plan

The professional plan design for those who want to maximize brand authenticity and create an extensive website is higher. The features you get into it are efficient and subjective, so you will be amazed by using it if you are a digital entrepreneur. However, the pricing of this plan is around €69.90/ month, which is decent enough. 

seo tester

3.Business plan 

If you are the one who is supposed to maximize the brand authenticity, then you should Aqua the business plan, which is quite expensive compared to the existing two lists but provides many features and value. The overall pricing is $129.90/ month. 

Final Verdict 

In the present scenario, most people are heading up to the website creation, but if you are supposed to make your website stand out from the crowd, in should hands-on with the SEO tool that will help you through Optimisation. There are tons of different options available in the market, out of which SEO tester tool is the best choice you would ever make for increasing your website’s SERPs. So definitely check it out once. 

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