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IMGHaste Review 2021 | IMGHaste lifetime Deal

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For any online company, choosing the right Image Optimization Service provider is a critical decision to make. No matter, whether you have a well-designed website with fair image optimization, as it doesn’t provide you the assurance of ranking your site on the first page of Google’s search results.

As we all are here to make our online journey to the ultimate level, so choosing the best company to meet all of your needs is a bit of challenging work to do. However, we need to consider a few essential kinds of stuff like cost, features, technical support, client feedback, and so on.

So, to figure out the best Image Optimization Service provider company you will have to do lots of hustle and need to invest your valuable time in searching of different-different firms and have to read the lots of reviews of each provider.

Well, not to worry more as I will be providing you in-depth information about IMGHaste through our IMGHaste Review 2021. After our complete analysis, it founds that their feature and technical team is completely dominating their competitors in terms of Image Optimization Service and that even at a low cost.

So to cut down your hustle and to save your valuable time we help our audience get their hands on the best and reliable tool. However, our all reviews are completely well research and self-analyzed.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump into the IMGHaste review, and please make sure to read it completely. So you won’t miss any of their important feature and deals. Also, this review will help you know better about image optimization process.

What is IMGHaste?

IMGHaste is a tool that provides you with a website optimization service that is fast and uses CDN. The best part is that it does not require any coding knowledge.

It is one of the finest tool that dynamically resizes any image and assists them in the correct format based on client input – allowing your website to load faster and your images to look their best in the process.

It can even find the most suitable Image for your website automatically. IMGHaste helps with server-side image rendering and uses technology to change the size of the visitor’s screen. Apart from that, the images support by a global CDN, ensuring lightning-fast delivery.

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As we all know that there are so tons of Image Optimization service providers offering their best-of-best services, so why IMGHaste only, and what makes them different from other providers, So let’s figure it out.


IMGHaste is the leading Image Optimization Service that operates transparently without URL rewrite using client signs and service personnel while being a cloud-based image optimization platform suitable for web apps and mobile apps.

IMGHaste securely stores your photos on Amazon’s S3 and Backblaze’s B2 servers, accepting regular backups for complete security. Even though IMGHaste allows for easy integration with your S3 Buckets, this is a feature that is only available on paid plans.

When using IMGHaste, you’ll notice that it only supports the most popular image file types, such as JPG, PNG, WebP, and AVIF.

Finally, when you suggest an image from their operation, IMGHaste works with unmetered bandwidth and Multi-CDN in over 500+ international locations. It works as an Image Optimization Credit in that our photo is saved for 30 days at the nearest Location and will not be requested again.

IMGHASTE Features | IMGHaste Review 2021

When compared to their competitors on IMGHaste in the Image Optimization industry, we founds some of the unique and amazing features that set IMGHaste apart from them. So, lets see what are the IMGHaste features.

1.Worldwide CDN for Your Images:

Your images will be served from 500+ edge servers around the world, allowing for instant image content spread around the globe.

2.User Friendly is go with by a Plug & Play Service. That will take care of everything on your behalf.

3.Automatic Transformations

There are many automatic changes available, including WebP, Client Hints, Size Reduction, Effective link Type, Progressive JPEGs, Interlaced PNGs, and many others.

4.SEO & Performance

They will never use the URL rewrite on your end for SEO or performance reasons. Hence, there are no extra fees for BOT traffic. There will be no more 404 errors on your Pictures page. You save all of the benefits for your real users only.

5.Client Hints

Using the skill of client signals, IMGhaste sharply assists your photos at the correct measurements.

6.Service Worker

With the skill of Service Workers, IMGhaste is capable of providing you with an enterprise-level result for your website at a very satisfactory price.

7.24/7 Support

The IMGhaste team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you resolve any problems you may have, no matter when they arise.

8.Guaranteed 100 percent uptime

IMGHaste guarantees that its servers will be ready at least 100 percent of the time. But, they have a higher average.

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IMGHASTE Plans and Pricing

IMGHaste prides itself on being one of the most cost-effective web hosting companies on the market. Thus, To be honest, they do a pretty good job of defending the point.

So, one of the things that distinguish IMGHaste as an Image Optimization Service is that their costs are shown clearly and honestly on their website for their visitors. I believe IMGHaste earns applause for doing so.

In reality, you can see their plan pricing without even scrolling down the page on most screen resolutions and forms. Also, their traits laid out completely for prospective clients to browse and determine whether or not IMGHaste plans and pricing are right for them.


If you’re new to Imghasta and just want to learn the ropes, the Basic Plan is the way to go. But, it contains all you require, and the cost is 20€ /month.

  • Image credits: 12.000/m
  • Backup storage of 5 GB/m
  • The bandwidth of 100 GB/m
  • 365 Days Caching TTL
  • Infinite Websites


 It’s perfect for personal branding, and the tiny website’s versatile traits make Imghasta safer for its users. So, this PRO package will only cost you 40€ /month.

  • Image credit: 25.000/m
  • Backup storage of 10 GB/m
  • The bandwidth of 250 GB/m
  • 365 Days Caching TTL
  • Infinite Websites

3.Pro plus

Hence, If you run a large agency and need certain features, the Imghasta Pro+ plan is ideal for you. It will also make your site more attractive and fast for your tourists. This PRO+ package is just 60€ /month.

  • 40 Image credits
  • Backup storage
  • The bandwidth of 500 GB/m
  • 365 Days Caching TTL
  • Infinite websites.


Hence, If you run a business and need certain features, the Imghasta Business plan is ideal for you. It will also make your site more attractive and fast for your tourists. So, This package is just 80€ /month.

  • 60 Image credits
  • Backup storage
  • The Bandwidth of 800 GB/m
  • 365 Days Caching TTL
  • Infinite websites.
IMGHaste review 2021 - Lifetime deal and IMGHaste plan and pricings images

IMGHaste Lifetime Deals Benefits

The IMGHaste lifetime deals offer has arrived with fantastic features that are suitable for those considering investing in it. The lifetime contract, on the other hand, is just 59€. So, the pros of buying its lifetime contract listed below.

  • With just one code, you’ll be able to
  • Monthly Image Optimization Credits of 12.000
  • 100 GB a month of CDN bandwidth 
  • 10 GB of backup storage 
  • WordPress Plugin 
  • Unlimited Websites and Images
  • Client Hints Ready 
  • Global CDN
  • WebP support and WebP aid for backward compatibility
  • Interlaced PNG and Progressive JPEGs 
  • 100 percent white mark at your domain
  • Real-time image optimizations 
  • Watermarking 
  • Smart Crop with Smart Center ID 
  •  Cloud backups in real-time
  • Greyscale and Overlays
  • Weekly Failover Scenarios 
  • Disaster Recovery Backup
  • GDPR Observance
  • Up to 5 codes can stack.
  • The following will add to each code stacking.
  • +15,000 Image Optimization Credits per month 
  • +100 GB of CDN Bandwidth per month 
  • +10 GB Backup Storage 
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

How is credit consumption evaluated?

  • When you first bid on a picture for optimization, it uses one credit; then, by default, it forms a one-month extinction.
  • This image will continue to be cached at CDN Cache and will aid by the nearest endpoint.
  • Before the CDN cache expires
  • If the picture is viewed again after the CDN cache expires, one credit is used.

IMGHASTE Customer Support | IMGHaste Review 2021

Thus, IMGHaste has a fabulous customer support team that can be reached at any time through live chat or the help ticket system. In my experience, they have proven to be extremely helpful and prompt in responding. They figured out every single problem which I brought up to them.

IMGHaste is one of the few web hosts that offer extensive phone, live chat, and email support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I’ve found their client service unit to be very quick to diagnose issues, particularly when dealing with site-specific topics or anything other than generic tech questions.

Pros of using Imghaste over Shortpixel

  • Images from CSS files and ajax requests are compressed.
  • Imghaste will not redirect your URLs or their meaning to an external domain.
  • Pose with your servers during periods of high traffic.
  • Real-time image optimization
  • When migrating the technology to the cloud, this is a smart thing to do.
  • It also allows you to store backups and reduces the time it takes to restore your data from two days to two minutes.
  • Keeps the distinction between mobile apps and mobile views.
  • Creates videos that are next-generation of nature.
  • Gather the willingness to improve multiple copies of your web images.
  • In the best-case scenario, images take up -99% of webspace, and the input code is often 1MB in size, with 1TB of images.

Cons of using Imghaste over Shortpixel

  • The user interface needs to be reworked, and there are a few other minor changes that need to be made.
  • If you don’t enable the “bot traffic” preference, you won’t be able to see stats in reviewing software.

Final Recommendation

Until now, you might have noticed that IMGHaste is a cost-effective, straightforward, and dependable service for any company or influencer looking to grow the speed of their website or mobile app by using ‘s trusted Image Optimization Service.

So, if you’re looking for a good Image Optimization Service to help you speed up your website or mobile app for your company, IMGHaste can do the job well, with strong dependability, exceptional aid, and a great price to boot.

I would surely advise IMGHaste to anyone looking for an easy but effective Image Optimization Service. They also give fast servers, excellent client service, and fair functionality. All of this is given at a low cost without sacrificing efficiency.

I hope you might have like our IMGHaste review 2021, well if you are more into the image optimization world them make sure to have a look at the Slazzer, they got some finniest tools that can help you build your online presence more effectively.

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